Sarah Schultz

Co-Owner, Executive Editor & Author

Sarah Schultz, author of 5 published books, is the mother of 2 awesome children, Heather-Lee and Jon,  and some pretty great and just as awesome almost step-children, Asa, Brittney, Andrew and Nate. Sarah lives in the breathtaking Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her high school sweetie, Tony, his son, Asa,and their faithful hound, Jamie.   She spends her days at her full time job as the Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula. On her days off, or even before or after work, she is usually found at the lake, collecting rocks, driftwood, or just getting her toes wet at the lake right in her backyard!

Books: Between the Lines, Angels among the Lake, Faking it, In your face erotica, The Ultimate Art of Erotica.

Heather-Lee Lafferty

Co-owner, Executive design manager & Author

As a woman of many trades, Heather-Lee is constantly finding new projects to take on. She published her first book in 2015 under the name H.L. Lafferty and is working on the sequel and a second series. Writing is not her only passion though, her heart lies with anything that challenges her to be creative, such as her professional photography business, Timeless Moments by H.L. Lafferty based out of Ohio. Heather-Lee is happily married to her adventurous and supportive husband, Sean, with whom she has 3 amazingly behaved fur babies. Heather enjoys traveling, learning and exploring the outdoors as well as cuddling up near a fire with a hot drink and a book.

Books: Enlisting with the Elite, Devoted after Deployment, A Forgotten Love

Rob Summitt


  • Rod is a retired former Junior High School social studies teacher and retail
    manager. He first tried a hand writing in the seventies. While still teaching, he co-authored a mystery novel with another teacher. That novel received some interest from two different publishers, but was deemed to be of insufficient length to publish. Rod and his co-author said on several occasions that “someday” they would dig it out and try to expand it. However, Rod left teaching for a management position in the hardware/home center field, and his co-author passed away. Still, every once in awhile, Rod would say to himself that “someday” he would give writing another try. A few weeks after he retired, Rod decided that “someday” had come. He dusted off the manuscript from the mid-seventies and rewrote it. He revised and expanded it. With the blessings of the family of his co-author, Reunion with a Killer was rewritten with some new characters and several new scenes added. After finishing that project, Rod decided to dive into another idea that had been lurking in the back of his mind for some time. He wanted to try his hand at a mystery/romance. As he started the story, he thought that he would weave a romance into
    a mystery story. However, as the project evolved and reached a conclusion, When Pasts Collide, according to Rod, ended up being a romance novel with some mystery woven in. His wife is steadfast in her belief that Pasts is a mystery with a little romance within it. He now divides his time between more traditional mysteries and mystery/romance stories. Rod lives with his wife of fifty plus years, Joyce, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has three grown children and eight grandchildren. He is an avid fan of professional
    football, baseball, and hockey. He has been an enthusiastic reader and collector of mystery novels since his early teens. His home library contains well over four hundred and fifty novels from a variety of authors including complete or nearly complete collections of Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Rex Stout, Emilie Loring, Margaret Truman, Dorothy Gilman, Sue Grafton, Catherine Coulter, Jill Churchill, and Lilian Jackson Braun. Rod spent his childhood in Muscatine, Iowa, and moved to Lafayette, Colorado at
    the start of high school. After a hitch in the Navy, mostly at the Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Rod returned to Colorado to attend college at Colorado State College (now University of Northern Colorado) in Greeley. He has lived in Colorado Springs since graduation from college. Rod also enjoys traveling around the United States whenever he can. He combines being a tourist with research for his fiction writing. He is the author of six novels: When Pasts Collide, Reunion with a Killer (with Richard Edgerton), The Nurse
    and the Deputy, Return to Paradise, Picture Perfect Cruise and New Beginnings. He is currently at work on three additional novels.
    Rod welcomes comments and questions from readers at [email protected]

Susan St Aubin


Susan St. Aubin has been writing erotica for over 25 years. Her short stories have appeared in YELLOW SILK, LIBIDO, HEROTICA volumes 1 through 7, BEST LESBIAN EROTICA, BEST AMERICAN EROTICA, BEST WOMEN’S EROTICA, and many other journals and anthologies, most recently in AGELESS EROTICA (Joan Price, ed. 2013), COME AGAIN: SEX TOY EROTICA (Rachel Kramer Bussel, ed. 2015), and STEP BY STEP, vol 2, EXCITE SPICE, Selena Kitt, ed. 2016.) Her writing can be found on-line at;;; and at Great Jones Street Press. Her story collection, A LOVE DRIVE-BY: STORIES OF AMBITION, HUNGER, AND DESIRE, was published in 2011 by Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions.

Wylie Richardson


 "Wylie Reed Richardson was born in New England, but has been living
in NYC since childhood.  He studied Creative Writing at the New School for Social Research,and broke into free-lance journalism in the 80s.  His local (NY-based) publication credits include Our Town, The West Side Spirit, and The New York Planet.  He also has written articles for the Scholastic Choices and Tower Video Review national magazines.  He is a produced playwright, with one off-off-Broadway workshop to his credit.  He is currently putting the finishing touches on a mainstream fiction work entitled Golden Strings, for which he hopes to find a suitable home.  He can be contacted through (Profile name 'WylieR') or
through his self-titled MySpace page."

Kayla Gilmour


Kayla Gilmour is a wife, mother of three happy and rambunctious boys, and now published author. She lives on the farm her grandparents worked for over 50 years. Her days are filled with cloth diapering tasks, bathing wiggly babes, and playing outside. She enjoys reading, photographing, and scrapbooking in her "free" time.  She looks forward to the years of homeschooling, gardening, farming, and memory making to come.