H.L. Lafferty

         H.L. Lafferty had spent most of her working career in the food/retail industry until she finally decided she was tired of working what she considered to be dead-end jobs. She had always had an interest in creative arts, from Photo editing to web page design, to interior design and even party decorating. Going through many failed attempts at a fulfilling career, H.L. Lafferty finally decided she wanted to be a full time Photographer. She admits it was discouraging not getting many clients at first and waiting for her name to get out there, but it is worth it.

         H.L. Lafferty has a passion for the written word as well. In high school she always took the creative writing courses, which led to her first published book, "Enlisting with the Elite", a fiction story based off a short story she wrote her senior year and was encouraged to expand on. Though it took at least two years for her to publish it, she spent months researching and interviewing military members in order to get accurate information on the process it takes to join some of the forces that defend our nation. The feeling of accomplishment was over-whelming when she was finally able to say she was a published author. . In fact, she is currently working on the second and last book in that series "Devoted after deployment", and a new fiction series 'Elven Monarchy Scribes' that will include mythical creatures and royal bloodlines! The first in the series is titled "Forgotten Magic" and she anticipated it's 2018 release. 

         H.L. Lafferty is constantly finding new projects to take on, including completely renovating the first property/home that her and her husband, Sean, recently purchased. Together they have adopted three dogs, spoiled as if they were children, and two cats that keep the spider population down in their home. Heather and her Husband eloped in December of 2015 at the park Sean proposed to her at. They enjoy traveling, learning, exploring the outdoors and watching comedy movies together.  Heather loves the cold weather, especially if it allows her to cuddle up under a fuzzy blanket, enjoy a hot beverage and read a book.

H.L. Lafferty's Books: Enlisting with the Elite, Devoted after Deployment, Forgotten Magic