Sarah Schultz

Sarah Schultz, author of 5 published books, is the mother of 2 awesome children, Heather-Lee and Jon,  and some pretty great and just as awesome almost step-children, Asa, Brittney, Andrew and Nate. Sarah lives in the breathtaking Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her high school sweetie, Tony, his son, Asa,and their faithful hound, Jamie.   She spends her days at her full time job as the Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula. On her days off, or even before or after work, she is usually found at the lake, collecting rocks, driftwood, or just getting her toes wet at the lake right in her backyard!

Sarah's Books: Faking It, The Ultimate Art of Erotica, In Your Face Erotica, Between the Lines and Angels Among the Lakes